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The Hutchinson,

The Hutchison was designed in collaboration with Stephen Ford, Aaron Humber and Tracy Reid to meet the needs of local authorities seeking a fast solution to the growing problem of what is actually a Starter Home , how can young families on the emergency housing list get on the property ladder.

This Starter Home has been designed to combat the housing crisis and offer a solution to which will be a growing problem over the next generation as property prices excel.

The Team at Bluefin Living have not only thought about just an affordable Starter Home, but have actually put great detail and thought into the environment and living costs,

The Hutchinson is 100% ZERO waste and 99% Recyclable eco smart home, we have introduced advanced technology to save you money on utilities bills so you can afford to buy the home.

The Hutchison has been designed to meet the 22nd Century 100% off Grid.

The Hutchinson ©Bluefin Living Ltd

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