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Bluefin Living are passionate about creating solutions for private and local housing association seeking to downsize or relocate older generation tying up family homes, after carrying our research we found the older generation were reluctant to relocate to the unknown and the affordable aspect.

Social Benefits of Moving to a Retirement Community;

The issues of social isolation and loneliness are receiving greater attention in research and policy due to the higher risk people face as they age in becoming detached from other people and losing important social connections. In addition, evidence is emerging that such experiences are more than just emotional, with serious implications for health. Lacking social connections has been associated with a similar risk of early death as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and is worse than other well-known risk factors such as obesity and physical inactivity. The desire to move from a somewhat isolated home into a larger community-oriented accommodation like that found in retirement community housing and villages certainly plays a role in some people’s decisions to move into those kinds of specialist properties. In addition, a central goal for housing with extra care is to reduce levels of isolation and loneliness for residents, and some recent ILC-UK research found evidence that loneliness is in fact lower among residents of retirement villages with extra care compared to people living in private accommodation. Regardless of whether people in later life are looking to downsize into specialist retirement accommodation or remain with general private housing, many older households strongly consider proximity to their children, family, and friends as important in shaping their decisions and aspirations. This reason was given by 55% of respondents in one 2014 survey around the important factors for a new home in retirement, while close proximity to amenities and to public transport also featured even more Prominently (69% and 68%, respectively).40 In this way, downsizing can be a good opportunity for people to put themselves in a better position to encourage greater social contact and interaction throughout their later life. Source:

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