Bluefin Living | About us
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About us

Bluefin living

Bluefin Retirement Homes is one option to consider as we get older and our housing needs change.
By opting for the correct housing it’s possible to minimise the accommodation difficulties that people often face in later life.
Assisted living and other resident friendly features are on offer at our developments, which are designed to cater specifically for the needs of the retired and help maintain freedom and quality of life.
Bluefin retirement communities also offer the security, peace of mind and social lifestyle that comes with communal living.

Who we are

Our vision

Building Communities and transforming lives.

Our Mission

Commitment to building stronger long-term partnerships to deliver high quality affordable retirement community solutions for local councils and private sector.


Friendly , open and honest, it’s all about being respectful, working in transparent way, the honest way.


I care about what we do, and put pride and energy into delivering results it’s important to me to do a good job.


Be more proactive, flexible,and resourceful . Listen, learn, and deliver solutions I don’t do a one size fits solutions, we are flexible and will tailor our services to our clients needs.

Get to know our company

At Bluefin Living we take or developments serious and professional.

We work with the local councils and contractors to deliver safe working practices and with our visionary team bringing new ideas to the table.

At Bluefin Living we have developed a team with inspired vision and dreams to bring our customers a unique experiance combining, indepentance, peace, tranquility with assisted living if required at affordable price. Bluefin Living go one step ahead bringing dreams into reality.

Stephen Ford, Director

Land & commercial property required

Bluefin Land and Commercial bringing opportunities together contact us today in the strictest confidence. 0800 061 4341 or email us :

What are we looking for

Bluefin Land and Commercial are seeking land and commercial opportunities for us and our funding partners.

Land suitable development of new homes and retirement communities.

Brownfield sites suitable for regeneration projects.

Unusual Rural Land, Quarries, Equestrian, suitable for recreation and redevelopment of leisure lodges through our own franchise , we would consider partnership.

Redundant commercial buildings, Office blocks, Factories, Warehouses.