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Putting People First...

Bluefin Living is one option to consider as our housing needs change.

By opting for the correct housing it’s possible to minimise the accommodation difficulties that people often face in life.

Bluefin Living team are passionate about designing and developing smart starter homes by bringing solutions to the table to meet the housing crisis by creating new smart grid communities offering the security, peace of mind and social lifestyle for the future and develop of our award winning smart starter home.

Our Interests

  • Retirement Communities

    Bluefin Living are passionate about creating solutions for private and local housing association seeking to downsize or relocate older generation tying up family homes, after carrying our research we found the older generation were reluctant to relocate to the unknown and the affordable aspect. Social Benefits of Moving to a Retirement Community; The issues of.

  • Starter Homes

    The Hutchinson, The Hutchison was designed in collaboration with Stephen Ford and ARLI of University of Birmingham to meet the needs of local authorities seeking a fast solution to the growing problem of what is actually a Starter Home , how can young families on the emergency housing list get on the property ladder. The.

  • Land Required

    We are seeking JV (Joint Venture) community projects to deliver smart grid community projects nationally throughout Scotland, England and Wales. We would consider engaging in new emerging countries through PPP. ( Private Partnership Projects) with local government. Whats are we looking for? We are seeking land suitable for developing affordable housing and retirement community projects.

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